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  • Operation of forklift working device
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The working device is the working part of the electric forklift truck for loading and unloading operation. It bears all the weight of the goods and completes the loading and unloading processes of forking, lifting, landing and stacking of the goods. Its main operating parts are lifting handle, tilting handle and accessory handle.

Operating method

(1) When the fork picks up the goods, the right hand pulls the lifting handle backwards, while the right foot steadily steps down the acceleration pedal, the fork drives the goods to rise. When the fork lifts the acceleration pedal to the required height, the right foot loosens the acceleration pedal and the right hand restores the lifting lever to the middle position.

(2) When the goods fall, the right hand pushes forward the lifting handle (no need to step down the accelerating pedal and drop by its gravity), and the goods drop by fork.

(3) When the fork tilts forward or backward, it also pushes forward or pulls back the tilt control handle with the right hand while stepping on the acceleration pedal, so as to meet the requirements of the forward and backward tilt working conditions.