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  • Forklift chassis maintenance method
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Generally speaking, the maintenance of the forklift chassis is often regarded as dispensable. It is far from being paid attention to by the forklift engine and the gearbox. In fact, whether the forklift chassis accessories are properly maintained is directly related to the safety and handling of the forklift operation. And so on, all kinds of key performances can't be taken lightly. Inspect all important parts of the forklift chassis in time, such as forklift differentials, drive shafts, brake systems and steering systems. On the one hand, strictly follow the time regulations on the forklift manual, regularly check or repair the gear oil of the forklift, and On the one hand, you should also check and observe by yourself. In the daily use of the forklift, the forklift driver can check whether there is any oil leakage when the forklift stops, and listen to the problem of whether there is any abnormal noise in the use.


Always check the wear of the brake pads and clutch plates of the forklift. The brake pads and clutch plates are the consumables in the forklift parts. After a period of use, they will be worn out and lose their original functions. If it is not replaced in time, it will easily lead to loss of control or accident. Nowadays, most forklift brake pad manufacturers use the adhesive method to connect the friction plate to the steel back. Until the friction plate is ground until the metal and metal are in direct contact, the sound will be emitted. At this time, the forklift friction plate may be replaced. It’s a bit late. When the visual or measuring tool detects that there is 1.5 mm left in the friction plate, the forklift friction plate should be replaced directly. When replacing the brake pads of the forklift, check whether the brake cylinder and the semi-shaft oil seal are leaking. If any, please replace it in time to avoid accidents such as brake failure during forklift operation.

Maintenance of the tires on the forklift chassis is the key. First of all, pay attention to whether the forklift uses a solid tire or a pneumatic tire. The air pressure of the pneumatic tire is too high, and the tire is easy to burst. The pressure is too low, the resistance increases, and the fuel consumption increases accordingly. Also check the tire tread pattern for sharp nails, stones and broken glass to avoid stabbing the tire. If the pattern on the tire surface is worn to a certain extent, the tire needs to be replaced in time. Usually when the pattern is worn to a distance of only 1.5 to 2 mm, a specific mark appears on the tire. Different grades of the tire mark are different, but are described in the manual. It is time to change the tires. However, if the user is using a solid tire, there is a lot of worry, just wait until the tire wears to a certain extent and replace it with a new one.

Always check the chassis for oil seepage, etc., direction oil pipe, steering cylinder. The steering axle should always be buttered, check the flat bearings, the needle bearings are damaged or lack of oil, and so on.