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  • Cautions for installation and use of needle roller bearings for forklift trucks
  • Editor:HANGZHOU DAZHAN FORKLIFT TRUCK CO.,LTD.Date:2019-06-28 16:07 Click:

  Whether the installation of needle roller bearing of forklift truck is correct or not will affect the accuracy, life and performance. Therefore, when installing needle roller bearings for forklift trucks, it is desirable to install needle roller bearings in accordance with operating standards. References are as follows

  1. Cleaning bearings and bearing related parts;

  2. Check the dimensions and finishing of the related parts.

  3. Installation;

  4. Inspection after installation of bearings;

  5. Pay special attention to the amount of lubricant (butter) when lubricating, whether oil or grease lubrication, too little lubrication will affect the life of bearings (lubrication of rolling bearings is to reduce internal friction and wear of bearings, prevent burning and sticking to prolong their life; discharge friction heat, cooling, prevent overheating of bearings, prevent lubrication Lubricating oil ageing itself, also has the effect of preventing foreign body from intruding into the bearing or rusting and corrosion, but too much lubricant will produce large resistance, affecting the speed;

  6. After the installation is completed, butter is beaten on the butter nozzle with a butter gun until new butter comes out.