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  • Precautions for use and installation of forklift bearing:
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Precautions for use and installation of forklift bearing:

1. Keep forklift bearings and their surroundings clean. Even if the invisible tiny dust enters the forklift bearing, it will increase the wear of the bearing of each system, or emit vibration and noise.

2. Installation precautions

When installing the forklift bearing, it is not allowed to punch the forklift bearing forcefully, to knock the forklift bearing directly with a hammer, and to transfer the pressure through the rolling element.

3. Use proper and accurate installation tools

Try to use special tools and try to avoid using cloth and staple fiber.

4. Prevent forklift bearing from rusting

When taking the forklift bearing directly by hand, we suggest that the sweat on the hands should be fully washed off and coated with high-quality mineral oil before operation. In rainy season and summer, special attention should be paid to rust prevention. However, under some special operating conditions, forklift bearings can obtain a longer life than the traditional calculation, especially in the case of light load. These special operating conditions are the surface damage that may occur when the rolling surface (track and rolling element) is effectively separated and limited by a lubricating oil film.