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  • Will tire storage for 2-3 years affect quality?
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There is a phenomenon in the tire market: some tire stores sell a certain brand of tires at a price of about 30% cheaper, but the production year is two or three years ago. At this time, many car owners have committed swearing: Will tire inventory affect quality in 2-3 years? Is it worthwhile to start?

Inventory tires, what is going on?

In general, tires are printed with a production cycle and year on the sidewall, usually consisting of four numbers, the last two numbers being the year, and the first two numbers being the cycle. For example, 2716, it means that this is the tire produced in the 27th week of 2016. The number on the sidewall is the most reliable standard for us to determine the storage time of the tire.

It is precisely because of the transparency of the inventory time that many car owners have stereotypes: they are not willing to buy tires that have been stored for a long time, but prefer to buy new tires that have been shipped in the same year, and even think that the tires are as fresh as possible. In addition, many tire stores sell discounted stock tires, and some discount rates are even as high as 40%, which further deepens the prejudice of the owners.

In fact, people in the industry know that the price reduction of tire shops is only because of sales pressure, rubber is not as fragile as everyone thinks, and the quality of tires in stock for 2-3 years is not a problem. This conclusion has long been confirmed by the tire manufacturer professionals.

Associations, enterprises: normal storage of tires for 3 years, will not affect the quality!

Many car owners are superstitious about the date of production, and think that the tire is only the best when it is just shipped. In fact, as far as the interpretation of professionals is concerned, such a statement is wrong. Professional associations and tire manufacturers have had relevant conclusions:

1. American Rubber Manufacturers Association: There is no such thing as “expired” tires.

The American Rubber Manufacturers Association has said that tires do not have so-called expired, because the tire raw materials in addition to rubber, but also mixed with steel wire, carbon black and other chemical additives. The production process is complicated, and the regular manufacturers have strict quality control and supervision, and the durability and stability are guaranteed.

According to the association, the date of production cannot determine the quality of a tire. The quality of a tire is determined by a combination of factors, including road conditions, climatic conditions, driving habits, overload, etc. These factors are often ignored by the owner. Therefore, it is wrong to simply assume that "the tires in stock for 2-3 years cannot be used".

2, Michelin test: 3 years of inventory tires and new tires almost no difference.

Michelin has conducted long-term tests in different environments in the Middle East, South Korea, and Germany to identify whether tires stored for more than 3 years can be used.

The test report shows that the tires that have been stored in the warehouse for more than 10 years and have not been used after delivery are actually equivalent to a tire that has been installed on the train and has been used for one year after delivery. Too obvious signs of aging.

However, the quality of a new tire that has not been used for 3 years under the conditions of suitable temperature environment is almost the same as that of a newly-made tire. The difference in rubber stability between the two is negligible, and does not cause any actual use. influences.

3, Germany horse brand tires, placed for 3-4 years no problem.

German horse technicians said: the tires are not as fresh as possible. The temperature of the newly produced tire is higher, the rubber molecular chain is more active, and there is a stable process after cooling. In the specific aging experiment, there was no significant difference in the effect of the newly produced tires and the tires placed for several months. In general, German horse brand tires are not problematic for 3-4 years.

In July 2019, a news from a Mercedes-Benz 4S store confirmed this view: "Mercedes-Benz cars, tire storage for 3-4 years are within the normal use range." As shown above: Mercedes-Benz 4S shop as the most upstream supplier For example, the outbound period of the supporting tires can be recommended until 2022. The actual production date is the beginning of the 19th year, which means that in the case of proper preservation, the rubber is within the normal use range within 3-4 years.

In fact, as one of the most obvious consumables on the car, the life of the tire is mainly based on the driving habits and maintenance of the owner. Many car owners are used to attribute responsibility to others once they have a problem with the tires. They suspect that the owner will sell you expired tires. In fact, regular inspection of tire pressure, not strong on the road, often check the pattern wear and do four-wheel positioning, etc., these operations are far more important than tangled tires.