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  • How to clean the parts of the forklift engine
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The key of forklift accessories should be the non forklift engine. Forklift engine in long-term use, we need to carry out appropriate cleaning work to ensure that it has been running well. So, many people will ask, how can we properly clean the forklift engine?

The following is our Hangzhou forklift accessories manufacturer - a forklift forklift for a brief introduction. When the forklift engine is disassembled, how should we clean the spare parts of the forklift truck.


Hangzhou forklift accessories

First, we can use the brush to clean the detached parts under the soaking of diesel or detergent.

Secondly, the sealant at each adhesive place is scraped out.

Then, be sure to filter out the finished parts.

After comparison, forklift accessories are arranged separately.

The maintenance of forklift accessories is very particular. If you are interested in these aspects, welcome to continue to pay attention to our forklift! We will provide you with more regular content!