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  • What are the overhaul accessories for the forklift engine?
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The mechanical parts parts of the forklift engine generally include the fork lift valve intake / exhaust each set, the intake valve seat 4, the exhaust valve seat 4, the valve tube 8, the piston ring one, the cylinder sleeve 4 (if it is 4 cylinder engine) 1 sets, the piston 4, the piston pin 4, the crankshaft 1 sets, the 1 linkages 1 sets, oil filter. Core, camshaft, tensioning wheel, bridge gear and so on.

The forklift engine overhauls include all oil seals, pads, O rings, including cylinder pad, valve oil seal, etc. (engine full car cushion, valve oil seal, cylinder pad, crankshaft front oil seal, crankshaft oil seal, nozzle gasket, 0 ring, valve cover pads, etc.).

The cooling part of the forklift engine system generally mainly includes the water pump (pump leaf corrosion or water seal water seepage), the engine, the sewer pipe, the large circulation pipe seat, the small circulation hose, and the throttle pipe (the aging and expansion must be replaced).

The fuel part of the forklift engine system mainly includes the oil nozzle, the nozzle, the diesel high pressure oil pump, the oil pump core, the diesel filter core, the gasoline filter core, the hand oil pump and so on.

The ignition part of the forklift engine system: whether the high voltage line is swollen or leakage is replaced, high pressure package, distributor, fire piston;

The intake part of the forklift engine system generally includes air filter elements and intake pipes.

Other liquid excipients of forklift engine system generally include antifreeze, oil, carburetor cleaning agent, engine metal cleaner or all-purpose water.

The parts of the overhaul need to be checked mainly for the corrosion or leveling of the cylinder head, the crankshaft, the camshaft, the timing belt tensioner, the timing belt adjustment wheel, the timing belt, the external engine belt and the adjustment wheel, the rocker arm or the rocker shaft.  To repair or replace.

Forklift truck engine overhaul normally normal replacement forklift parts have the following:

Overhaul, intake door, exhaust valve, intake valve seat, exhaust valve seat, inlet and exhaust valve, piston, piston ring, piston pin, cylinder liner, crankshaft tile, connecting rod, brake, oil pump, pump, oil filter, oil, diesel filter core, air filter core, diesel fuel core, nozzle, if need to be replaced. After the maintenance personnel check and replace it, replace it, or affect the use and effect of the engine.