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  • Forklift accessories of generator is analysed is introduced
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We usually see the forklift is a whole, it is composed of many forklift parts. These forklift parts, we can summarize it into three main parts, namely, power system, generator and power system.
Today, we first introduce what is forklift accessories generator!
First of all, we need to know that there are two types of electric current in forklift parts, generators, direct current and alternating current. But now most of the forklift is using AC generator. This is why we listen to Hangzhou forklift accessories wholesale manufacturers is how to introduce it.
Because the rectifying device on the alternator is made of silicon rectifying diode, it is also called the silicon rectifying generator.
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The function of the generator is driven by the engine, its function is to operate the engine when the power supply to the electrical equipment, and to the forklift battery charging.
The structure of the generator is mainly composed of an electric brush spring cover, an electric brush, a spring, an electric brush holder, a rear end cover, a rectifying diode, a component plate, a rotor, a stator, a front end cover, a fan and a transmission belt wheel.
The generator is very important to the whole forklift, just like the heart is very important to us.
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