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  • Island: fluid pressure hydraulic system cleaning requirements
  • Editor:HANGZHOU DAZHAN FORKLIFT TRUCK CO.,LTD.Date:2017-03-13 14:40 Click:

  SHIMADZU hydraulic parts is one of the main products of Hangzhou exhibition forklift Co., Ltd., hydraulic parts are mainly controlled by the hydraulic system, however, the entire hydraulic system will produce a lot of dirt in the long-term use. So, if we will clean the dirt in the hydraulic system is a part of our concern. Under normal circumstances, we can follow the following steps to clean the hydraulic system.
First of all, the environment and site clean, special cleaning oil cleaning fluid to use low viscosity (or 38 DEG C when the viscosity of turbine oil 20cst), and dissolved rubber ability, when possible, the cleaning oil is heated to 50-80 DEG C;
Secondly, the work of the filter before flushing the filter should be put on the washing filter, flushing after passing for the work of the filter, flushing the front cylinder or hydraulic motor and disconnect the hose pipe, will enter the oil pipeline and the oil return pipe, flushing will be qualified cylinder or hydraulic motor and pipe;
Then, the bladder accumulator can be filled with nitrogen and so on, according to the use of the equipment specified in the oil brand number of oil, oil must be filtered, pay attention to cleaning;


  Finally, after cleaning, cleaning oil must be drained as much as possible, to prevent the cleaning of oil mixed with new oil, caused by hydraulic oil deterioration, affect the service life of the oil; to clean the oil tank inside, after inspection to meet the requirements, the temporary additional cleaning loop and removed, restored to the design requirements of pipeline system. In the assembly and disassembly should pay attention to cleaning, and the relevant components, pipe fittings, reliable connection.
SHIMADZU hydraulic parts of the hydraulic system cleaning work is almost all of these, if you think we have any inappropriate introduction, welcome to point out!