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  • Forklift industry 2017 daily report: February forklift sales record high, continuous verification of the middle reaches of rec
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           According to the industrial machinery branch of the Construction Machinery Industry Association, in February 2017 mobile industrial vehicles sold 36,237 units, an increase of 108%, January-February cumulative sales of 63,915 units, an increase of 50%, creating a record high sales.

             February forklift sales growth rate on the new level, the first two months of cumulative sales of new high. Forklift sales since the fourth quarter of 16 significantly increased monthly growth rate of nearly 30%; February 2017 data show forklift sales growth reached a new height, 36237 units a month sales, an increase of 108%. In order to eliminate the impact of the Spring Festival, the total in January to February, the cumulative sales reached 63,915 units, an increase of 49.7%, not only to a new level of growth, and from January to February cumulative sales comparison, also reached A new high in history, showing that the middle reaches of the recovery is still relatively strong. Specific from the product classification point of view, in February within the forklift sales growth significantly improved, reaching 109%, electric forklift sales increased by 106%, with small electric walking storage forklift mainly forklift product structure is basically internal combustion forklift accounted for six Into, electric forklift accounted for four percent. Usually forklift scheduling cycle is generally 2 to 3 weeks, according to some leading enterprises in March orders in order to see the order of the recovery can continue.

              Forklift sales growth, continuous verification of the middle reaches of recovery. According to the statistics released by the Bureau of Statistics, the profits of industrial enterprises increased by more than 30% from January to February, and the improvement of manufacturing profit led to the recovery of investment, which provided strong support for forklift sales growth. The main products include automobile manufacturing, warehousing and logistics, food and beverage, home appliances, electronics and other industries, there is no absolute dominant factor in the production of goods, warehousing and transportation, food and beverage, home appliances, electronics and other industries. The Forklift sales growth reasons, not a single industry demand outbreak, but from the middle reaches of the overall investment in manufacturing growth, reflecting the overall manufacturing sector to pick up and continue to recover.

             Concerned about the performance of leading companies in the first quarter. 2016 forklift industry sales of 37 million units, an increase of 13%, of which the first domestic leading Anhui to achieve forklift sales of 84,400 units, an increase of 21.7%; due to lower product prices, revenue growth of 9%, staff salaries And the same period to reduce government subsidies to make the basic profit was equal to last year, owned by the net profit of 396 million yuan. From the 16Q4 single season, single quarter income of 1.67 billion yuan, up 28.7% year on year growth rate, significantly higher than the previous three quarters, revenue growth and industry sales have been more matched. From the current look, the first two months of this year, the overall sales of forklifts still maintain high growth, leading enterprises in Anhui together full order, orders continued to rise year on year, the first quarter results may usher in high growth.